THE LAST HOBO IS THE EPIC STORY of 19-year-old Ted who acts out his dream of being a hobo by hitchhiking (and hopping trains) across the U.S.  Ted’s fantasy-fueled road trip often collides with reality. The results are hilarious, nerve-racking, and inspiring. 

It takes place in a time when America had gone berserk. . .​ 

No, it's not 1968 . . . not 2016. IT'S 1979, the year of  Jimmy Carter's unraveling presidency, the Iranian Revolution, and Three Mile Island. It's the tumultuous transition from the 70s to the 80s. Goodbye, Disco!

An older-and-wiser Ted narrates the tale with a unique perspective: HE'S FROM DETROIT, the very icon of America’s highest dreams and its worst nightmares.

Part I: Poverty Gulch. Ted and his partner Pete get into a love triangle with Rosie, a fellow hitchhiker. She invites them to “another Woodstock” hosted by enterprising hippies in the Wisconsin wilderness. There, Ted's parents’ wisdom is turned upside down and insanity rules. 

Part II: On the Road 1979. Five straight days of hitchhiking is described in graphic detail. In the tradition of Jack Kerouac, it captures the wide-eyed wonder, the quirky spontaneity, and the breathtaking audacity of Ted and Pete’s adventures. 

Part III: The Black Hills.  Near sacred Indian land, Ted “gets political” at an anti-nuclear rally, a move that almost drives a wedge between him and his non-political partner. 

Part IV: The Railroad Tracks. The story toggles between flashbacks of Ted’s Detroit childhood and the present. The flashbacks answer “Why did Ted want to be hobo?” In the present, Ted and Pete illegally board a moving freight train, but what they find at the end-of-the-line is truly terrifying.

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​“A thrilling journey through the heart of America.

— Louis Markos, author of seven books including On the Shoulders of Hobbits:

The Road to Virtue with Tolkien and Lewis

About the Book


FEATURING the beautiful illustrations of award-winning artist Tim Grajek.