​​​​​​“. . . I wanted to be a hobo when I grew up!” 

​​Hobo-ing!  That's the life for me, I thought.  Total freedom to wander from place to place. Complete independence. Come and go as you please. Not having to answer to anybody but yourself. A life of adventure!

In the summer of 1979, I set out to make my dream a reality.

At last, the book—based on my real-life experiences—has just been released.  You can order it now on Amazon. You can start reading it by downloading a  FREE chapter.

Written especially for . . .

  • The young and restless (Age 16-106)
  • 1970s (and 1960s) nostalgia buffs
  • Those interested in the Detroit / Dearborn, Michigan perspective. 
  • Lovers of cars, trains, and ​Americana
  • Hardcore travelers. roadies, and pilgrims
  • Fans of Kerouac, Twain, Steinbeck, Fitzgerald . . .
  • Beatles, Dylan, and Springsteen fans

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THE LAST HOBO: A Clueless Detroit Kid Hitchhikes across America the Summer the Seventies Ran Out of Gas
by Dan Grajek • Published by Round Barn Media, LLC • 2016 
soft cover • 346 pages • ISBN: 978-0-9973247-0-9 • $15.99


Copyright © 2016, Round Barn Media LLC

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Read my breathtaking account of my escape from the Unification Church aka the Moonies — the original "doomsday cult"— back in 1979.  The entire book will contain penetrating insights into the nature of today's groupthink, especially at college campuses, using object lessons from my hitchhiking trip to California and my Moonie experience.​ A true story!

The Last Hobo book: “My highest dream, my mother’s worst nightmare . . .”

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